Creativity (Part 1): Tina Seelig & A Crash Course in Creativity

Anyone who knows me, even just a little, will know of my dislike for the word ‘talent’ and everything it presumes. There’s a blog post, about 6 down, called “Potential isn’t actual…so what is ‘talent'”? If you’re reading this and haven’t read that one, maybe you could read that first just so you’ll understand where I’m coming from with this post.
In it I blather on and on about skills being the result of the right mix of factors…environmental ones, psychological ones, the right support etc. A recipe if you like, the right ingredients in the right quantity at the right time.
Well, I’ve often tried to formalise what I think those factors actually are. Then I came across a TED talk delivered by Tina Seelig of Stanford University…”A Crash Course in Creativity”. In it she introduces us to what she believes that recipe to be….and introduces, what she calls, the ‘innovation engine’.
I’m not going to transcribe everything she discusses in the TED talk here….it’s really better that you go and watch it for yourself, so here’s a link to Tina Seelig: A Crash Course In Creativity.
I felt compelled to contact Tina Seelig at Stanford after I’d watched it as it was another piece in the jigsaw, a moment of clarity, and I thank her again for her time. It manages to formalise a whole bunch of thoughts into a meaningful shape. Above is the diagram that she presents – the innovation engine. I encourage you to watch this 18 minute presentation, you won’t have wasted your time…..this is relevant to all of us, whatever you do.



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