Movie poster compositional shapes (Part 1)



Every time I see a new movie poster I can’t help but look for the compositional shape or structure underneath it. Sad, I know. There are lots of shapes you can use compositionally of course, but, there are some that appear to regularly pop up and are Hollywood favourites.

For the sake of keeping this post quick and as light as possible, I’m only thinking about one…the ‘X’. This one is used a lot and is a personal favourite of mine.

Why? The ‘X’ is used because it’s a very stable shape, while also being dynamic. It’s bold and is balanced. It’s a framework that can support faces and figures while encourages your eyes to explore. For me, it’s one of the best.

So, here are a few examples just to illustrate the point (and trying to pick some new movies as well as some older ones too). However, once you start looking for yourself, the next time you’re at the cinema, you’ll see it used again and again.

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