Reboots & remakes (and why I think Hollywood is right).

‘Hollywood’ does take a lot of grief every time it announces a remake/reboot…Ghostbusters, Robocop, Terminator….only the other day there was internet speculation about a new Indiana Jones. But, why does it get so much flack?

What if the London Philharmonic Orchestra got the same aggressive derision every time it announced a season of Mozart? Would you hear “Mozart’s ‘Requiem’ again – jeez these people are riding rough shot over my favourite performance – they’ll ruin it, ruin my childhood and are creatively bankrupt”?

What if the Royal Shakespeare Company created a new production of “Hamlet”? Would you get audiences accusing them of doing it “because it’s a cash cow…they’re doing it for the money”?

“Les Miserables” has been running in the West End since 1985…and yet there’s not so much as a squeak of “Can’t these people just think of something new”?

Books too enjoy new editions and reprints…Dracula, Sherlock Holmes, To Kill A Mocking Bird…but if we caught a new cover on an otherwise identical product would we bang on about it in just the same way, if at all?

Hollywood though, does. It gets all of that criticism and more. Why?

Why shouldn’t there be a new Indiana Jones? Why should Hollywood not be able to re-explore stories and characters with the business and creative freedom other arts enjoy? Sure, the question is whether it would be any good or offer anything new. But again, doesn’t that apply across all the arts? And as for the argument about creativity…one of the reasons I love movies as much as I do is because of the powerful mix of arts disciplines…great visuals, great music, great performances, great story telling…and yet some people can’t see the creativity.

I’m all for reboots and remakes…and nothing is ‘sacred’.





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